Online Marketing

Organic SEO and Facebook Display or Google Search Ads

Online Marketing

Today small businesses need a combination of organic SEO and paid online advertising. We offer two levels of SEO (search engine optimization), standard SEO with onpage and offpage settings and summissions and premium with extra site boosters and redirects for rebuilds. We also offer paid advertising with managed Facebook and Google digital ads where we design, write copy, manage and monitor your digital campaigns. Our team members have a decade of design, copy writing and marketing experience and are always taking current training from Facebook Blueprint and Google Skillshop.


Organic SEO 

We make all SEO settings with keywords, page settings and off site settings to Google. We'll help boost organic traffic to your site and start growing your search engine discoverability and ranking. All levels of SEO services include on page settings with the page name, SEO title and page description and Google off site indexing and sitemap submissions. Our standard SEO also includes Google My Business settings for local searches, information and maps. Our premium SEO adds a special site booster to drive more traffic to your site and to get your business listed in top-tier directories. For replacement websites or rebuilds, we set up 301 redirects of the old pages and direct new corresponding pages to eliminate unwanted 404 search errors.  


Facebook Display Ads

We offer affordable Facebook display ads to promote your brand or to create inquiries. We’ll set up a strategic plan and help you select the right type of ad format for you whether photo, video, stories, messenger, carousel or slideshow. Our management services include consulting, planning, setting up your objectives, platform setup, ad copy, any required media setup, budget setups and Facebook analytics. To promote your brand, we reach out to the right audience and select a format that makes sense for your business. Additionally, we'll add the Facebook pixel code to your website for tracking. We’ll monitor your results, make adjustments for more successful results and track your progress with monthly reports.

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Google Search Ads

We provide managed Google search and display ads that include consulting, research, setting up your objects, the right platform setup, ad copy, your photos or videos, budget setups, analytics and reporting. To provide the desired search result to generate quality leads, we reach out to the right audience and select a format that makes sense for your business. Additionally, we'll incorporate Google analytics into your website for tracking your result.  We can set up with Google search  or YouTube video ads based on our Google training and experience to make sure potential customers consider what you offer and to drive traffic to your website to increase your sales leads. We’ll adjust for success and track your progress with embedded Google analytics and reports.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is your expertise and experience?

We have current training by Facedook Blueprint and Google Skillsoft with their digital marketing programs along with a decade of design and marketing experience.

Why do I need organic SEO?

Our clients' websites need to get found by search engines like Google. Settings have to be made in each page and information sent to web search engines to have your site registered on the internet. Premium services are required for redirecting from old websites and the site booster submits to multiple other site registries giving you more web exposure.

How do I know what digital marketing platform is right for me?

From our training on all platforms and from our decade of experience, Facebook placement ads have proven to be best for B2C branding and Google search ads for B2C lead generation.

How do your managed services work?

We charge a reasonable monthly fee to manage your digital ads, set up your preferred platform, design your ads and landing page, write professional content and provide easy to understand results, reports and analytics. All digital advertising requires ad budgets based on your objectives.

Why do I need a website landing page?

We recommend a website landing page to help your digital ads convert from click to leads and help improve your website SEO efforts with more site hits.