Do you have online business strategy?

Are you starting a business or do you have a small business and are setting up your business plan for the new year? Then you need to start with a new or revised online business strategy. Why? There are many reasons, but here is a good overview.

Let’s explore how creating an online business strategy can have a positive impact on your business for the next year and years to come. Let’s find out what a good strategy should look like and discover the common things you can put in place to achieve your business goals. An online business strategy helps you get ideas out of your head and down on paper or computer screen. This process can help define or redefine your objective and goals to work towards and improve your clarity and focus.

There are some key areas to explore and work with that will help you achieve your objectives and identify the required actions to provide you with a better understanding of how to meet your business targets.

Small Business Strategic Pinnacles

Goals and Objectives – the challenge in any project or task is getting started. So the first step is to clearly define your goals and objectives Setting goals will provide you with direction and a clear path to follow.

Key Company Values – moving forward to the next step involves finding the right words to articulate what your business key values are. These should be added to the homepage of your websites and marketing materials. Articulate what your business stands for. This can be accomplished with a simple sentence. This can also be known as a mission statement.

Implementing Uniqueness – The next stage involves a bit of homework and research, but it is a vital part of being successful in selling against your competition. The acronym marketing experts use USP referring to your unique selling point. It may take a bit of time to identify these areas, but it’s worth the effort. Identifying your unique selling points allows you to stand out from your competition. Find out what makes you different by comparing other businesses doing similar things.

Small Business Branding – your branding needs to be your solid ground to build your business around whether it’s your taglines and values or your logos and colours. Increase awareness of your business or brand. Social media is a popular way to help your branding for both new and existing customers. It provides a platform to express your values, personality, and engage with your audience.

Of course all of this sounds great, but taking action and writing or typing it out is a great start to your new year business plans. During our coaching sessions we discuss marketing principles using SWOT analysis and describe the use of SMART goal tools. Want to take your business the next level? Contact an expert business coach.


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