Ecommerce is key for websites today

Ecommerce has moved into 80% of our website designs in the last few years. Ecommerce, however, is a broad word and can encompass many things and still include the key functionality of payment online. So what’s that look like for SMB companies, why should you move in this same direction and what’s in it for you?

Types of website ecommerce

Websites can be as simple as adding a PayPal donation or a Pay Now button that allows a simple PayPal or credit card payment without taxes that is connected to your bank account. The most common is ecommerce with a complete shopping cart for products with payment options, taxes and shipping options. These can be B2B, wholesale or retail sites. They usually include or combine products and downloads. Secondly, more and more we are seeing integration of calendar booking services along with online payments. Last but not least, LMS ( learning management systems) which provide web based training and learning through digital courses, videos, testing and certifications whether internal for staff and employees or external for public or industry learning is another form of ecommerce.

Why ecommerce?

It really is all about saving time. This applies to both the process of time saving internally, as much as it is time saving for your customer and clients. As you are likely aware, the selling process needs to include the cost of training sales staff to learn about your products or services and the expenses of putting them on the road or in the air. Moving to an ecommerce model saves sales cost, but require the marketing for lead generation. In a retail environment, there are heavy upfront costs for store fronts, inventory and retail staffing. On top of all that, it’s no secret that salespeople are not well liked these days and most customers and clients Google search for information so that there is no need for sales staff information now.

What’s in it for you?

May I suggest that there are some efficiencies in ecommerce for you? It saves you time, reduces the cost of the selling process thereby increasing your revenues. Yes it takes time and some money initially to have ecommerce setup and integrated, but the ongoing process is highly efficient and cost effective by increasing your revenues while you sleep.

So what are your thoughts or questions?  

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