Living in a mobile first world

Its a general statement, but well know fact that people are looking for small businesses just like yours. It’s important to make sure your brand shows up the moment your potential customers and clients search for your products and services. There is a lot of competition out there and it’s increasing more every day with the availability to set up a business or shopping cart overnight.  Today your website or online store needs to focus on a mobile first strategy. 

Fun Facts

66% of mobile searchers made a purchase after searching on a smartphone¹

82% of smartphone users use search to find a local business²

27.5M smartphone users are expected in Canada in 2020³

Mobile First Thinking

Mobile-first can mean a few things, but the most recent change means that Google bots will now use the mobile version of your site for indexing and ranking. Why? To better help your majority of mobile viewers find what they’re looking for on the web. Google is now crawling, indexing, and ranking systems using the mobile website version of your site’s content.

Living in a Mobile World

With more and more people searching on mobile, there should be a focus on your mobile online presence. Today, when researchers want the quick answers they require for both personal and business, they will use a device that is the closest to them… and that’s their smartphone.

They are likely searching on Google for a product they want, a service they need, some place local or they are wanting to learn on YouTube. As you are fully aware, you only have a few moments online to connect with customers. So, it’s important to make sure your website or online store has organic SEO (search engine optimization) services and completed and paid online search advertising in place top ranking. Even more reason, as of last year, for Google to give better ranking to those websites that are mobile friendly.

Focusing on Mobile

Therefore, when you are setting up your website and marketing efforts, your focus should be on the mobile market by making sure your websites are responsive and interactive for calling and contacting. You must also provide a great mobile experience for online booking for services and purchasing for your products. Your online ads need to meet the needs of the smartphone world.  They should be compelling to grab your audience’s attention, engaging to keep customers clicking through, and interactive to make the next steps simple.

Finally by taking the last step, make sure you download apps where you can communicate with your customer with their type of mobile apps and monitor your email campaigns, ad results and post analytics.      

¹ Google Consumer Surveys US May 2015

² The consumer Barometer Survey 2014.2015 US

³ Stats Canada – Forecast of smartphone users in Canada

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