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As a marketing agency, we get asked the same questions over and over again. So, I thought it might be good for you to know what questions are asked and what the answers are because perhaps you’re wondering about that same topics as well. While a blog like this one can’t possibly provide the full answers for any of these topics, a straightforward reply can at least give you a better understanding of certain topics in marketing, you’d like to know more about.

While we get many questions about websites, the questions that are asked in the last few years are more about marketing tools to promote ones brand, how to get ones website found and advertising to drive and increase business potential.

The most asked questions and answers:

What is SEO and why do I need it? – SEO is search engine optimization to make sure your website or online store gets found by search engines like Google and web surfers. It requires keywords and settings on your website and off site as well and it’s absolutely necessary. Otherwise, you’re just web waste floating around in cyberspace

Isn’t email marketing dead? – Absolutely not. In fact, emails are the lifeblood for ecommerce notifications (although texting is catching up). Business to business still relies on email marketing and automation for communication.

Why do need blogging? – Blogging is new content published usually through your website and social media channels to help increase SEO and promote your name or business thereby qualifying you as experts in your field.

What is content marketing? – As it indicates, content marketing is publishing content which could include texts, photos, videos and podcasts usually in social media channels, blogs and websites. While these are usually organic postings, paid posts are common.

Do digital ads really work? – Overall yes. However, you will need an ad budget, a bit of training to write compelling ads and a landing page to help convert ad clicks into customer actions. Having said that, advertisers have new tools to automate the process by beginning with your objectives.

What’s the difference between Facebook and Google ads? – This question is a biggy and requires a single blog to answer. Basically though, Facebook uses display types of ads based on your target market and Google uses search and display ad types of advertising.

Why should I do social media posting? – This is where most businesses start marketing because the cost is just your time and it helps promote your brand. Getting your message out to the world and doing it well and consistently is quite another subject.

Why should I have a marketing plan? – Without a plan, the common phrase is ‘it’s hit and miss’; something you don’t want. However, creating a strategic plan helps keep your marketing focused and on topic. You can also plan what marketing tools work for your target market and set a marketing budget to make it happen.

Still have questions that need answers or further explanation? Feel free to contact me for a chat about your marketing needs.

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