Marketing Services. Why spend the money?

Why should my business have marketing?

A website without marketing is simply put, “a waste of money.” “What?” “So why so harsh?” you might ask. Here’s my professional response: It’s not at all so marketing companies can sell you more services or take money out of your pocket. Statistically successful companies spend about 10% of their annual revenue in order to experience business growth; they spend 5% to stay the same but if they spend nothing, it could reflect a loss in business revenues. Ouch!

What about the good old days?

If you’re not a statistic sort of person, here’s an additional consideration: How did a business used get known and increase sales? First they would start with a business plan and present it to the bank or investors. Once the funding was in place, many had a graphic artist or print shop create their brand with a logo, business cards, letterhead and a store or office sign. When the location was almost done and coming soon sign was up, usually a call to Yellow pages for a directory ad was put in place, then depending on the budget, newspapers and radio stations were contacted for paid advertising. Sound familiar? But, I’m sorry to inform you,…those days are done like dinner.

What should my business consider?

Given this information, and the current state of affairs, every business type and size has services that work best for them. Having said that, every small business still needs to start with an online marketing strategy or plan. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” is still a wise saying especially in this day and age. Your plan doesn’t have to be complex; just do your homework, create a plan and stick to it. Sounds easy right? If you need some help, here are the most common marketing types for small businesses and why you need them.

What online marketing do I need and why?

  1. Branding – will show your value to customers, provide your differentiation, show your company image and reveal consistent messages.

  2. SEOsearch engine optimization ensures your website and business is found by Google, searchers and customers.

  3. Marketing Automation – sending newsletters, triggered campaigns and SMS messages to customers will work for you while you sleep.

  4. Content marketing – consistent social media and blog posting will improve your branding and online awareness.

  5. Paid Adverts –  invest in search ads with Google or LinkedIn to increase sales and display ads with Google, Facebook/Instagram to boost your online presence.

If some of these terms are a bit foreign or you’d like to understand how they work to increase your business growth and get your name out to potential customers or you’re just too busy and don’t have the time, perhaps find an affordable trained marketing expert to create your marketing strategy, recommended marketing that fits your business and that fits within your budget. Then you can work your plan, stick with it and use the valuable reports you receive from the marketing tools you use to know how best to reach your customers. Unlike those newspaper ads etc. from the past, marketing today gives you feedback for all the money you’ve invested so you know what’s working and what isn’t so you’re not wasting your hard earned money.

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