Simple online marketing as easy as 123

Understanding online marketing can be as simple as 123 because knowing that it breaks into three main categories is a good start. To simplify for the small business owner, that means knowing that your efforts need to be all, or a combination of a trio of types. So what are these main types and why do you need these for your business?  

Outside of creating a website and adding organic SEO settings, additional online marketing consists of content marketing which entails posting text and media content, digital advertising with paid search and display ads and email marketing with automation to send direct messages. Each one has its own purpose and the combination of all three makes a powerful impact. 

Content Marketing 

Content is still king in any marketing campaign. Good quality and relevant content increases your online presence for your brand and improves your search engine ranking for your website. The purpose is to entertain, inspire, educate and convince viewers. Content marketing includes posting multimedia as text, photos and videos within your preferred platforms to tell your story and promoting your brand to educate your clients or customers about your services and products. Typical platforms include a combination of  blogging posts, sending emails and social media channels. Although it’s common to see all platforms used, it’s best to focus on channels where your customers spend their time. 

Digital Ads

To give your business that boost and make it faster than organic content marketing, digital search and display ads can help promote your small business services, your products and your brand. Digital search ads can drive traffic to your website or online store to improve sales leads or increase your sales revenues. To promote branding and improve your online presence, digital display ads using images, placement and video are a welcome form of promotion. If you have an online store, integrating with platforms like Google or Facebook for shopping ads are key to a successful customer reach. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a highly effective communication tool used to reach out to your existing customers and clients. Emails can be informational, educational or promotional to reach out to your target market and they provide you with detailed analytical reports and results. To improve customer communication and to save your time, automatic email triggered by activities or events can welcome new subscribers or send a series of scheduled emails. For online stores, marketing automation will help recover abandoned shopping carts, reward your best customers, follow up on purchases, send branded notifications, thank new customers for the business or send rewards. 

I trust this will provide a ‘simple as 123’ understanding for the online marketing needed for small businesses today.

  1. To improve your online presence with content marketing

  2. Instantly boost your efforts with digital advertising

  3. Communicate better with your customers and clients

Now all you have to work on is your ABC’s!

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