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Social Media Marketing 101

Today, the social platforms are the newspapers of the past. Facebook relates to the “local pub” and Linkedin the “country club”. Does your business need social media? Yes. The question really is, do you have the time?

Two Project Options

Choose either doing the work yourself to save money or hire the work done to save your time. The latter not only saves your time, but trained experts will usually provide more satisfying results and better return on your investment.

Starting Point

The best way to start out on the right foot, requires that you begin with a marketing strategy by putting thoughts into words on your computer or paper. One thing to note is that you will need to know the difference between content and valuable content. For instance, what are your audience or buyers looking for that will help their business?

Common questions

I hear these questions everyday. What exactly is social media marketing? What types are there? What platforms should I use? Social media marketing can be free organic posting or paid digital advertising with posts being a combination of short word posts on page feeds, publishing articles, simply posting images or videos. The major social media platforms recommended should include Facebook, Instagram and twitter for business to consumer and Facebook and Linkedin for business to business.

Best Practices

It is a good idea to add the required content to a calendar to organize your launch topics, content and timing. It is recommended that you do no more than two posts or media per week as more than that can tire your audience and too much can turn off your followers on most social media pages.

Social Media Tips

  1. always include relevant images

  2. successful posts need CTAs (call to actions)

  3. make sure you speak to you audience

  4. choose topics that help with your buyer’s journey

  5. review your results regularly and tweak according

Right now social media marketing is stronger than ever for branding and promoting business startups, entrepreneurs, online stores and small businesses of all types. It’s one thing to want marketing services, but quite another to set up, design and create the text copy. If you don’t have a way with words or you can’t picture the final results, consider using an expert.

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