Websites need more than design

Anyone can build a website today with the many DIY website builders that really only require you fill in your business information. However, not everyone can build a great website. Good websites require professional copywriting so the pages of content read well. Additionally, websites must provide viewers with natural marketing flow that will prompt viewers into action. Today’s websites need to have integrations for online stores, booking calendars for services, sales lead forms for the sales team, etc. Furthermore, proper SEO settings are required to ensure your business is found by search engines such as Google and by your searchers.

Why Copywriting?

I’m the last one to talk about copywriting as I’m not a writer by any means, but like you, our thoughts are certainly valid. At least have those friends that specialize in language proof your work. Good copywriting makes your content flow from one thought to another. Going one step further, your copywriting needs to work with the keywords or phrases for your SEO (search engine optimization) This is referred to as SEO copywriting.

Marketing Flow

This topic is usually the number one issue with most websites I have seen over the last decade. Copywriting makes the words flow, but the viewers need to be naturally guided through your website with clear steps and actions to make sure your website works for you and them. Typically there should be two to three key call to actions based on your business type. Also you need to ask yourself “Do my pages all connect from one to another?” This makes for a good experience for the viewer. Your website should be connected in such a way that there is no work for the reader who wants to know about your business.

Websites Integrations

Todays websites are not just a mixed content of text, images and videos. To make your website highly functional, integrations are required for backend systems such as booking calendars for your services, ecommerce shopping carts for the purchase of products and downloads, lead generation forms for your CRM (customer relationship management) or internal training for your staff with a LMS (learning management system).

Get Found

A website that’s not found is a waste of time and money. SEO (search engine optimization) is broken up into three keys areas. Onsite or on page SEO, making the correct settings for page titles, page descriptions and keywords, off site to register your site with Google, uploading the sitemap and other required settings, and local SEO for most includes Google My Business to make sure local area searching finds your business, location, hours and contact info.

These are key areas of a website that I see is missing every day. Even though you can create a website because your dad’s cousin has some design skills or your wife’s brother has some extra time on his hand, not everyone will have the “chops”. Your website needs your content to read smoothly, be naturally flowing, a functional calendar and integrated lead gen form.

I’ve just scratched the surface on some key areas, but I’d love to hear your feedback on building a great website…

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