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What’s the big deal about video marketing?

Most small businesses have read about using video for marketing their business or educating their clients and now is the perfect time to make one! Recently, their popularity has helped small businesses get noticed. Want to know more? Let's roll!

Several recent stats
  • Online video content has skyrocketed, making up 82% of web traffic - Forbes

  • Using video boosts organic search traffic to your website by 157% - Conversion XL

  • Landing pages with video can increase your conversion rate up to 80% - Unbounce

  • Videos nurture leads and draw nearly 300% more traffic - Marketing Sherpa

  • Websites are 53x more likely to rank on the first page of Google if it includes video - Insivia

Why use video?

While there can be many reasons, to make a video, several are prominent today. Videos will promote your brand and uniqueness featuring your business services and products. Videos have strong attraction rates to encourage clients, patients and customers to watch and act upon. Good videos can drive traffic to your website and increase your client base and sales revenues.

Where to use video
  • Social media posts - promote your brand

  • Facebook and Google ads - more engaging than a image

  • Social media business pages - stand out from the rest

  • Blogs and email campaigns - embed to encourage readers

  • YouTube video channel - to organically help search results

  • Training and instructional videos - encourage learning

  • Webinars and Zoom meetings - provide more variety

  • Testimonials - tells more compelling stories

What are the required steps for a great video?
  1. Planning - decide what topic and message per video

  2. Script - write simple but effective wording (text or verbal)

  3. Storyboard - outline your sections with images or text

  4. Audience - square or rectangular aspect ratios required

  5. Media - add images and/or video sections

  6. Audio - background, special effects and voice overs

  7. Review - get feedback and make edits

Why not give it shot yourself? But for the best results, hire a professional video editor and marketing expert to get your message online. And that's a rap!

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