What type of businesses need ecommerce?

Everyone is talking about ecommerce these days. But what should a small business have? The answer to that question is simple. You should consider some form of e-commerce no matter what kind of small business you have. However, the type of e-commerce you need really depends on the business model that you’ve set up for your company.

Retail Business

If you have a brick and mortar retail store, to compete and stay in business these days, you really need to develop an online store. This can be as simple as using an all-in-one platform and adding your products or creating online store and integrating your stock and a mobile POS system. Of course you will need some form of online marketing and digital advertising to promote your online business

Services Business

Whether you have a landscaping business or offer massage therapy services, adding online booking with payments can save your time and give you a competitive edge. Many services like hair stylists, can offer service booking and products for extra revenue. Again, no matter what services you offer, it needs to be supported by content or digital marketing to get brand awareness to your potential customers and drive some sales leads.

Wholesale Business

This business type has been slowest to adapt to ecommerce, but with recent shopping carts now catering just for the B2B industry by offering individual price lists, online invoicing, VIP pricing and products not visible to the public, you’re good to go! Going one step further, new online stores can handle both retail and wholesale under one brand. Unlike retail and services, wholesale is best promoted through email marketing to existing businesses to encourage online sign ups.

Ecommerce Marketing

Retail online stores, website booking and taking payments need SEO settings for products and services to get found. Email marketing is a must for e-commerce websites to extend communications and promotions. To give new businesses a boost, digital advertising whether Google search and display or Facebook and Instagram ads should be budgeted for to promote brands, products and services.

So move into the future of online selling that is already here today. Whether an online retail store or services business providing convenient online booking or online purchasing for your wholesale products, e-commerce is here to stay.

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