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It's vital to be consistent with your brand. For starters, your logo needs to represent who you are. For logo design, we begin with a creative brief to understand your business and your preferences. Then we’ll design several logo concepts, customize a final draft and with your approval, send you high res web and print files for your use. In addition, we also offer complete brand development to help you build an emotional connection between your services and your customers. Creating a memorable brand keeps your business in their mind. Our complete brand development involves finding your hook, leveraging your key features, adjusting your business with your competitors and providing your final positioning statement. 

Website Design

Website Design

We create your customized website development with setup, layout and design. Use your own content or have our copywriting experts write your content with keywords in mind. We offer scalable solutions that allow integrations for online services, online stores, online booking and learning management systems. Every website is built on swift loading, and enterprise level secure hosting that’s maintenance-free to save you ongoing costs. We provide a free Apple or Android mobile app to manage your business and marketing on-the-go or we can offer a custom-built mobile app that is branded for your business.  


Search Engine

We offer various levels of SEO including essential, advanced and premium recurring SEO services to ensure your website is properly optimized and achieves the highest ranking possible. Our services include competitive research, SEO strategies, strategic keyword phrases, meta page descriptions, optimization of onsite content, optimization of page title tags, Google registrations, site maps and submissions, Google business profile, analytics and reporting. All of these services are geared towards increasing your website's visibility and user engagement. Our team of experienced SEO professionals will work with you to ensure that your website is properly optimized and reaches the right audience.

Digital Ads

Digital Ads

At RDS Digital Marketing, we offer affordable, managed Google, Facebook and Instagram Ads. Our Facebook and Instagram ads feature images or short videos that can be placed based on your customers demographics. Google Ads are a powerful tool for businesses looking to generate leads or increase sales immediately while waiting for search to rank well. Our team of experts will research the right keywords, set up your demographics and manage your campaign, making ongoing edits to ensure maximum efficiency. For all managed services with digital ads, we provide detailed analysis and reporting to help you better understand your ad performance and to get the best return on your investment.


Coaching & Consulting

Having been in corporate sales and marketing for over two decades with the addition of extensive marketing experience, we are confident in our areas of expertise and are qualified to offer you online marketing coaching and consulting.. Our services extend to, but limited to, small businesses, professionals, non profits, medical specialties and other industries. These services include strategic online marketing planning, online marketing consulting sessions and individual or small group online marketing coaching sessions customized to your business type and needs. Online learning features website design, ecommerce, SEO and online marketing video sessions. 

  • What the difference between Essential and Advance SEO?
    The obvious difference is the monthly amount. The main difference is that Essential SEO is a more affordable to get found online with ALL the standard settings for start ups, minimalists or tight budgets. However Advance SEO has more extensive research, on page settings and ongoing audits for better search results and rankings.
  • Why do we include website changes with our SEO services?
    With all the recent SEO requirements, your website content (titles, test, photos and vector art) change and affect your SEO settings. Keeping you content current helps with Google searches and rankings. However keeping you content current means making SEO settings and image descriptions. Even your blog need to have full SEO settings made before posting.
  • Why add digital ads to my marketing efforts?
    Digital ads boost your organic SEO efforts. Facebook/Instagram ads display your product and services in social media channels and Google search ads show your paid ads when potential customers/clients search online.
  • How do I know when to use Facebook or Google ads?
    The best way to understand when to use Facebook/instagram or Google ads, is to simply book a FREE marketing consulting session with our experts. CLICK HERE The quick answer is to determine where your target market spends their time and thats where you should advertise. Having said that, you should know that Facebook/Instagram are display ads based on demographic settings and Google ads are based on keyword searches.
  • Why do Facebook ads cost more than Google ads?
    While both require set up, ad copy writing and demographics, managed services for Facebook/Instagram display ads cost less manage and require less ad budget. Managed Google search ads require a lot of keyword research and changes ever month to get the desired results.
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