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Basic website setups, standard website design and premium website development 

Website Designs

Allow us to help you to get online, save your time and get found online. Our team will design and provide copy writing services whether yours is a simple basic website, our most popular standard website or a more advanced premium custom website. We’ll build a website that represents your business type and provide you with a unique online presence. Be assured that we'll set up all your essential marketing with social media integrations as well as make the required search engine optimization settings so that you get found by Google and other search engines. Make changes yourself with the basic and standard or have our team members make changes for you with the standard and premium websites.

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NEW Basic Websites

Our highly affordable basic website design and setups are best for startups, home-based businesses and side-hustles. These are quick set ups completed in days not weeks or months. We'll complete your website based on your business type, add your colour palette and edit recommended content to make it yours. Your new website is mobile-friendly so it will provide a good viewer experience and so that it will meet Google search standards. We’ll also establish your essential marketing settings for SEO, blogging and social media integrations. Your design includes quality stock photos and a mobile app so you can make website changes on the go, make social media or blog posts and send email marketing campaigns to your customers.


Standard Website Design

Our standard website design and setups are perfect for new businesses or for those companies on a tight budget. We'll setup and design a website based on your business type and tailor them to make them yours. We create and customize a mobile-friendly website with complimentary quality stock photos, images and videos. We set up your blog and integrate your social media pages and communications to expand your message, email marketing to communicate with your customers and integrate all your communications so everything comes to one spot. Your business can be managed remotely. You can make simple website changes and post to your social media pages or send email campaigns with our mobile app.

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Premium Website Development

We offer premium themes and layouts with premium responsive design and customized pages with deluxe features using expert content writing to reflect your business . These include premium features like the latest animation, colour fading features and premium quality stock photos. We'll create customized forms, integrate dynamic content, add galleries and FAQ pages and set up VIP signs to reveal special content pages. We'll set up a premium analytics with Google for embedded results or reports. Additionally, you can make changes and manage your website on your laptop or manage your business on your smartphone. To expand your business and marketing efforts, use the built-in features or use our experts for content management and all-in-one marketing services. .

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Have the time? Tight budget? Prefer DIY Try our website builder with marketing 

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between website designs?

Basic websites are a value packed, mobile friendly design with quick setups for home-based businesses or side hustles and include a mobile app for user editing and posting. Standard websites are mobile-friendly as well and best for first websites, startups or those on a tight budget, can be set up in days NOT weeks and include a mobile app for posting. Premium websites are beautiful responsive, custom designed sites with premium features and animation, premium stock images and mobile app for marketing. --

How do our web design services work?

We’ll set up an intake meeting to understand your needs and business, we’ll choose a theme that fits your business type. We’ll edit basic website indurry content, add your customized content for standard websites or have our expert continent writer create content for our premium sites. We’ll insert either standard or premium stocks images that will fit your site perfectly. We build a website that fits your style, as well as your needs. Basic website set up and design require about 7-10 days, standard websites take about 2-3 weeks and premium websites need 4-6 weeks depending on how fast you can get back to us with changes or extra media.

How do I get started with your website design services?

Simply complete our project request form or give us a call. We’ll set up a web meeting to discuss your website and marketing needs and provide all your options. Should you wish to move forward, we’ll send you a quote with all the details and scope of work. Once you accept this, an invoice will be sent based on your approval and required services. A retainer payment by credit card or transfer is required to start your project.

What other services do you offer?

We provide required standard and premium SEO settings to make sure your website gets found. We offer ecommerce websites and online stores. To automate your business services, we offer set ups for online booking with payments. and online store​ setups​ for your products and downloads. We also provide professional email and business phone number​ ​setups.

What about updating my website?

Once your site is launched and we’ve completed your SEO settings, we’ll provide a website login for the basic websites (mobile app editing) and standard websites ( computer editing) so you can make simple changes yourself. For standard and premium websites we provide content management services for text and media changes to save your time and have it done by our experts.

Are there any ongoing costs?

Yes there are with all websites. Domain and hosting renewals are required the second year. Also, any additional annual services you may have purchased such as Google WorkSpace, business phone numbers etc. will mean an annual fee is required.

What other services do you offer?

We offer standard and premium logo design, essential print products, standard and premium SEO services, video creation, Google WorkSpace email setups, business phone numbers, managed Facebook and Google ads.

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