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Why should I spend money on digital ads?

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

digital ads

So, you have your website launched or relaunched and you’ve made all of your search settings, added keywords and made your submissions to the major search engines. As you work through your marketing strategy, you've included your organic blog and social media postings. Yet, you still need a boost with your branding, exposure, sales revenues or B2B leads while all your marketing efforts take traction. So what digital ads work best for your business?

So how do I know what to use?

Without going into a marketing consulting or coaching session, the answers can be found based on your target market, your objectives and even your budget. If a majority of your customers are millennials, your budget is limited and your products need exposure, then Instagram might be the best choice. If you target a more mature audience and offer affordable services, perhaps you should consider Facebook ads. Do you provide B2B services or products, need more leads or revenue? I suggest Google ads could meet your needs.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

No matter what your business type, Facebook and Instagram ads are great to promote your brand, create awareness and improve your sales. These are known as display ads where Facebook or instagram show your ads to the right target market in the geographic area where you do business. In simple terms, these can be in the form of text, images or videos. Make sure you add hashtag words and a link to your website, products or landing page.

Google Ads

Google ads work on search and keywords. These are great for business services and B2B business models to promote your services or products, increase revenues and promote lead gen. You usually need more budget for these types of ads, but your ad budget in well run ads should provide a good return on your investment. These ads do require a compelling landing page to ensure a great conversation from your ad click to the right call to action to actual measurable results. While these use words, YouTube search ads can handle your video needs.

What about combining platforms?

Depending on your target market, many small businesses combine their marketing efforts to include Facebook/Instagram display ads for branding along with Google search ads for increased sales or leads.

While these thoughts are from our training with Meta and Google, experience plays a role in our recommendations. While you can certainly do these yourself, usually marketing experts can provide better results. We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

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