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Wordpress verse Wix Platform

Updated: May 1, 2023

Wix vs Wordpress

Having been a WordPress designer for a decade and now a Wix website designer for the last few years, we have gone through a learning curve. After implementing numerous migrations and new website developments, we’ve confirmed that the Wix platform offers many advantages for both our team of designers and for our various client types. Here’s why: Wix is far more than just a website like WordPress. It's a secure, scalable solution with a marketing and business tool platform. Wix is the full monty if you will. Here’s why we switched:

Wix Website Benefits

The biggest improvement for designers is that the Wix website platform includes a faster setup, has custom layout and animated design. Like WordPress, we can also offer custom coding for client special requests. The most notable feature is Wix’s enterprise security. Compared to the WordPress platform that is both open source and is prone to security issues, Wix has made website security their priority. For clients, they appreciate Wix’s secure hosting because it offers peace of mind and presents a maintenance free website which saves fixes and reduces costs. Our clients also like Wix’s simple user access for quick text and photo changes, lower set up and design costs and the convenience of an all in one platform.

Wix Marketing Tools

Built into the Wix platform are FREE marketing tools. These marketing tools include SEO settings, blogging, social media posting, email marketing and email automation for todays standards. Furthermore, Wix also features, chat, social media video makers, logo makers, Facebook, Instagram & Google ads, integrated analytics and more. Wix marketing tools include print products including business cards, t-shirts and mugs.

Wix Business Tools

Wix business tools start with many FREE tools including customer relationship management (CRM), tasks and reminders, quotes and invoicing, online payments, domains, Google Workspace email, blended inboxes, toll free and business phone numbers plus many other tools.

DIY or Experts?

Choose to build your website yourself if your budget it tight with Wix ADI quick builder or have experts setup and design your website to save your time and get professional results.

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